CMS Detector

This tool will analyze websites and attempt to detect the plaform, language, framework and other technologies used for any website. No plugins or extensions required and works with any browser!

This is an experimental service, please contact us if any problem occurs or if you think a site has been wrongly detected.

Enter the URL of the site you want to detect.

Latest additions


Update your bookmarklet!

Guess' site structure has changed. The old bookmarket won't work. Please visit the bookmarket page for the updated bookmarklet.

CMS/Framework knowledgebase

Guess has been integrated with a WheelCMS based CMS. We will be using the CMS to add additional information about detected CMS's and frameworks.

Tool/Tracker detection

Guess now attempts to detect which tools, widgets, trackers and javascript/css frameworks are used; checkout the 'tools' tab! More tools, trackers, widgets will, of course, be added.


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